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Dylan Marie's Paintings and Illustrations specializes in custom artwork for your home or office. Please contact us via email to have any of our paintings created to fit your color palette. We love and appreciate all of our customers. Supporting this small business is supporting a BIG dream.

~Dylan Marie

Expect beautiful canvas pour paintings, in bright vibrant colors. There will also be matching easels for purchase. Dylan is a young talented artist that is ready to show you the world from her perspective. Light, love, and rainbows is the best way to describe this young lady’s take on life. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. Visit NORD(National Organization for Rare Diseases) to learn more about Amniotic Band Syndrome, Mobius Syndrome, and Autism.


Her masterpieces are her interpretations of the world through the artistically blessed eyes, that see what she delivers as Artistic Reflections of her Time.

Patricia E. Conway - Jones

Dylan Marie. is a very creative autistic artist. She sees art in a different way than others. I love seeing what she sees on canvas. Thank you Dylan Marie for sharing what you see and putting it on canvas. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Bernadine B. Cropp

Awesome hand painted artwork that will liven up any space!! I love their custom work as well!

Jonathan Mills

I purchased this beautiful painting from Dylan Marie’s collection to place in my office for my business. It’s beautiful! 🤩 The colors are just what I wanted as the pink is the main color in my jewelry business. This picture is not hung yet, however, I just wanted you to see how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for your creativity in painting master pieces and unique items. I’m definitely a customer for life!

Angela Williams

First of all I'm proud of this young lady, for having her own business! She is an example to us all! I recommend this business, because there are so many creative things that you can purchase, from paintings, to activities for children, as well as showing awareness of those who are dealing with illnesses. As a nanny, I get quite a bit of stuff so that my boys are occupied and so that they can have fun throughout the day. I'm grateful to know this family personally, for they are my family! You will not be disappointed, when purchasing items from this business!

Cheryl Miller

I got a painting and she matched the colors I asked for perfectly. you could not have done a more perfect job. I am unbelievably happy. Thank you sooo much. 💯 recommend 👌🏾 👏🏾 👍🏻 🙌🏽 😍.

Brazil McGee

Fun and creative crafts and items!.

Helen Locura